Sarah Latif

Sarah Latif is an aspiring philanthropist, entrepeneur and student. The youngest of four, Sarah grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where she studied up until graduation from University High School. Afterwards, Sarah attended Princeton University and majored in Chemistry with a minor in Near Eastern Studies and Spanish Language. Today she attends the University of California at San Francisco and is studying to achieve a Doctorate in Dental Surgery.

Sarah has been involved in community service from a young age, serving meals at shelters every first Friday a month, and playing in a string quartet for retirement homes. She began a project in the summer of 2008 where individuals could donate clothing and toiletries to needy families in Egypt by purchasing a stowaway suitcase for a participating traveler on his or her way to Egypt. The project has become popular among travelers and has helped donate quality clothing and toiletries to needy families in Egypt. In college, Sarah was active in the Mock United Nations Club as well as the Pre-Medical Student Society.

Sarah spends her free time volunteering, mentoring aspiring dentists, and tutoring high school students in mathematics and English. She also plays the violin and has been
since the age of 10.