Dr. Sherif Latif

Dr. Sherif Latif is a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In addition to being a physician, he is also a philanthropist, mentor for aspiring physicians and young adults and an avid skier and globetrotter. Dr. Latif has been on several medical mission trips after he was inspired by the work of fellow physician Dr. Paul Farmer. He has visited every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

Dr. Latif was inspired to become a physician at a young age, after losing his grandfather to heart disease. As his dying wish,Dr. Latif’s grandfather wanted him to become a medical doctor. At a young age he became involved with the American Heart Association, volunteering for the organization and joining research groups to help study the pathology of heart disorders.

A native of southern Arizona, Dr. Latif began traveling at an early age. He left home and attended Washington University in St. Louis where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He then pursued and earned his Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania, and subsequently went on to complete a residency in Internal Medicine. He currently practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.