CCRF Responds to Tragedy in Charleston, SC

charleston shooting
If you thought that racism was not a big deal anymore in the United States, then the events of this last week should make you think again. It may well be an ideology of the past, today seemingly confined to a few fringe extremists, but an extremist driven by a historic hatred can still make a tragic impact. Such was Dylann Roof, the neo-Confederate racist who believed that all his problems could be solved if only he could rid America of black people. Numerous photos and evidence from social media and accounts of acquaintances have emerged showing him as a supporter of Apartheid and racism. It is now beyond question that his motivation for entering the historic Emanuel A.M.E. church in Charleston on Wednesday and murdering nine people was a historic – and fantastical – grievance against black Americans.

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The Coptic Christian Relief Fund (CCRF) is a non-profit charity established by the friends and family of the late Dr Medhat G. Latif (1953-2013), the man who inspired the project and after whom it is named. As a devout Coptic Christian and a keen philanthropist, Dr Latif’s selfless commitment to using his God-given talents and resources to help those who were less fortunate than him is the main motivating force behind the CCRF.

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